Vinyl Lettering, Vinyl Decals for Windows, Dry Walls and Glass Doors

Anywhere you stand in and around Melbourne, Geelong. one of the first things you’ll notice are signs, including custom graphics vinyl decals.

Every business is fighting for attention by taking advantage of every spare bit of space they can, in order to maximize their exposure and make the most of valuable real estate.

At Print Quick, we’ve spent a decade producing many of the signs you see all around you every day. One of our most popular sign options is decals — due to their affordability, versatility, and impact

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What Are Decals / Vinyl Stickers?


Decals are a type of sign that adheres to flat surfaces, including windows, vehicles, walls, and much more. Decals come in either glossy or matte finishes, as well as a wide range of different sizes, colours, and styles, including:

  • Vinyl Cut Lettering – In Melbourne, you’ll see vinyl lettering displayed on vehicles, windows, doors, and walls. Vinyl lettering on buses, trucks, vans, and cars, are also a great strategy for local marketing. Gold and silver leaf letters can either spell out the name of your business or call attention to featured products and services.


  • Logo and Graphics Vinyl Decals – Whether in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or New Jersey our removable wall decals and large scale window decals are composed of vinyl film material, which allows for a full-scale colour print that can easily grab people’s attention. Walking or driving throughout the Tri-State area, you’ll see decal designs in windows — including logos, as well as full-colour graphics designed in order to appropriately match an individual business.


  • Custom Decals For Windows and Walls – In addition to a great selection of stock vinyl colours, fonts, and industry-specific looks — each decal print can also be custom-designed from scratch, depending on your particular needs. Many of our clients in the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey have utilized custom decal stickers to help realize their vision — by complementing both the look and personality of their organization.


Window Decals

Our window decals add a more prominent, professional appearance to your storefront window — as well as better name recognition. They can either be modern or replicate the classic look of hand-painted letterings, such as a gold leaf.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are often used to “spice up” space by adding vivid graphics, colours or important information. They can be used as murals or to identify different departments and/or products.

Different Decal Options: The Basics

There is an endless number of decal design options to choose from. To begin with, you need to know whether you want your vinyl decals to be translucent, or to let in varying degrees of light – which are otherwise known as clear decals. Decals that do not allow any light to pass through them are known as opaque decals.

  • Clear Decals – Clear decals let in both sun and artificial light, as well as allow your potential customers to view the products and services inside. They’re a great way to get the most out of a storefront window, by advertising your brand name while retaining the transparency of the glass.


  • Opaque Decals – Opaque decals are great for advertising on walls, floors, trucks, larger storefront windows, or in cases where privacy takes precedence — such as during renovations, or to cover the window of a storage area or manager’s office. They can include more descriptive, life-size images of products and incorporate larger fonts in order to maximize branding capabilities.

Customized Vinyl Decal Services in Geelong and Melbourne

PRINT QUICK has been providing Melbourne and Geelong with their own custom vinyl decals of all sizes shapes, and scales — from small promotional stickers to large format wall decals that make an immediate impression on customers. Our services are tailored to meet your needs, with rapid turnaround options available and a variety of choices to make sure these decals and wraps match what you expect from your investment. 

The graphic designers we have on-staff are more than capable of collaborating with you with on your graphics from beginning to end, and we have worked with self-adhesive vinyl letters in Geelong and across the Melbourne area for decades, which allows us to bring you a level of service that you simply will not be able to find from other sign companies, in Melbourne or anywhere else.

Custom Decals Material Options

At PRINT QUICK, we use different types of vinyl for different needs. Our decals are manufactured using vinyl film of various weights and thicknesses installed flush against clear glass surfaces. Here are just a few examples of our materials:

  • Cast Vinyl – made from liquid material cast inside a mould (3M Controltac 180, Scotchcal IJ-170, Oracal 751, 851, 951).
  • Calendered Vinyl – made from a molten material fed through calendering rolls (3M Controltac IJ-35, Scotchcal 50, Oracal 651).
  • Retroreflective Vinyl – made using glass beads imbedded in film (3M IJ-1500R, Oracal 5800).
  • Prismatic Reflective Vinyl – made by layering small triangle- shaped prisms into film (3M 3930, Oracal 5900).
  • Matte Vinyl – An adhesive vinyl that features a textured finish and is used in billboards, storefront window decals, photo backdrops.
  • Glossy Vinyl – An adhesive vinyl that utilizes a smooth, shiny finish – and is often used in drywall lettering & graphics, and decorative posters.

Decal Installation Services in Geelong and Melbourne

For businesses looking for decals and vinyl banner signs, we know how difficult it can be to not just find the right designer and manufacturer, but also the best, most efficient and courteous installer. Every member of the PRINT QUICK team is proud to be part of the number one choice in Geelong for affordable and original signage. We are not only one of the most versatile and experienced wall decal installation companies, but also possess the expertise for producing and hanging all types of signs.

Print Quick operates out all over Melbourne Metro and Regional. Because all of our signs are made to order, we provide free quotes to help you make the right decision the first time, and we have a quick turnaround for those that need signs quickly. Our wall decal printing service is just one of many possible selections for your business or home. If you’re interested in learning more, call us today at 0450 045 952